Constitution Party

In its own words, the Constitution Party seeks "to restore our government to its Constitutional limits and our law to its Biblical foundations."

Democratic Party

Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792, the Democrats are considered center-left on the political spectrum.

Green Party

The Green Party of the United States focuses on the environment, social justice, diversity, peace, non-violence and citizen participation.


Independent voters are not tied to any one party. Though they may be registered with a party, they tend to vote for candidates and issues more than a particular party ideology.

Libertarian Party

Libertarians favor fewer regulations, a non-interventionist policy on markets and foreign policy and strong civil liberties.

Republican Party

Founded in Michigan in 1854, the Republicans are considered right of the political center in the US.

Political News

Texas school finance case heads back to…
A state judge is set to hear new testimony beginning Tuesday on whether more money and fewer standardized tests have adequately…

Harvey Hilderbran, a Hill Country Republican,…
Republican Harvey Hilderbran was the first candidate in the state comptroller's race to begin airing television ads on Monday,…

Congress to discuss spending
Senior lawmakers on Capitol Hill are trying to put the finishing touches on a $1.1 trillion spending bill.

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Texas (change)

Republican Rick Perry is Governor of Texas. Two Republicans represent Texas in the U.S. Senate, and Texas has 32 representatives in the U.S. House: 20 Republicans and 12 Democrats.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Rick Perry
Lieutenant Governor: David Dewhurst
Attorney General: Greg Abbott